We are excited to announce that our national coach, Mrs Gloria Pirvanescu has completed and officially received earlier this year, the BWF Coach Level 3 Certificate.

BWF Coach Education Level 3 is a Specialised Coaching Award, aimed at badminton coaches who are interested in high-level youth coaching or in elite coaching.

The course has been an amazing journey for Gloria.

The first part was organised in Holbaek, Denmark in September 2018, where experts from BWF delivered the course face to face for a week.

After this, a six-month project work was required to pass the final assessment.

Due to Covid19, the whole process was prolonged, but the certificate was finally received in March 2021.

The Cyprus Badminton Federation and our National Coach, hope that the experience of these 2 years’ course will enhance the overall development of our athletes in the National Team.

BWF Coach Education Level 3

Gloria has completed all requirements of the course and has, through coursework and the corresponding post-course project, demonstrated the attributed and competencies detailed below:

Personal & Professional Standards

Coach safely and responsibly, maintaining a safe coaching environment.

Competencies: Development of National Talent Systems

Level 3 coaches have demonstrated the ability to:

* Examine the national systems with regards to key concepts in talent detection and identification.

* Discuss the characteristics of the different stages in a player development framework.

* Identify key aspects of an effective talent development system for badminton.

* Evaluate their own countries talent development systems with regard to these aspects.

Competencies: Managing Elite Training Environments

Level 3 coaches have demonstrated the ability to:

* Explain how the different aspects of the elite training environment can affect players’ motivation and performance.

* Explain how their understanding of communication may shape their interaction with players.

* Identify ways to apply systemic coaching principles to their own practice.

* Apply concepts from relevant learning theories when designing coaching sessions with elite players.

* Describe ways to help elite players develop reflection skills.

* Design exercises to foster anticipation skills in players.

* Create conditions for peer feedback to be implemented within their coaching practice.

* Incorporate recognition in their day-to-day work with players to enhance self-esteem and motivation.

* Explain how implementing a team focus can benefit elite players.

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