2022 European U15 Championships

´Overall, the players played well despite its their first major European tournament. However, they didnt reach my expectations and my target.

All of them fought hard on court as you can see from their scores but the lack of tournament experience were what separates us from other countries. We are definitely the underdogs in this tournament.

Our players have given their very best and have worked hard throughout their entire summer to prepare for this tournament, a pat in the back needs to be given to all of our players.

This is a good experience for our players and I hope they can use this experience to be better players in the future.’ – Farzad Shah, CBF National Coach


Day 1

XD – Round of 64

CYP Nicolas Maroudias 21 21
CYPSofia Ioannou
AUT Thomas Wiesler 15 18
AUT Fiona Scrinzi

WS – Round of 64
CYP Efi Zanou 14 8
SLO Tija Horvat 21 21

MS – Round of 64

FIN Axel Gras 21 21
CYP Nicolas Maroudias 16 11

WS – Round of 64

ITA Anna Hell 21 21
CYP Sofia Ioannou 18 18

WD – Round of 64

SLO Tinkara Alič 24 22
SLO Tija Horvat

CYP Varvara Architektonidou 22 18
CYP Efi Zanou

Day 2

XD – Round of 32

CYP Nicolas Maroudias 14 12
CYPSofia Ioannou
ENG Jayaditya Kumar [5/8] 21 21
ENG Maria Mitchell


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